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CPBC to Collaborate with Sindh Board of Investment for their endeavours to promote Education and other avenues of common interest for Canada

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“Sindh Education City in Karachi is set to become Asia’s largest knowledge creation and education hub. The Government of Sindh is committed to developing a world class learning environment which will provide people an opportunity to study in some of the best Pakistani and foreign colleges, research and develop in state of the laboratories, building linkageswith industry and service providers and leveraging an unparalleled synergy across allstakeholders, unified to build a better world for our future generations. It is a matter of immense privilege for me to be a part of this significant development. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to engage with you through the office of CPBC and I look forward to collaborating with you.” Naheed Memon.


Ms. Naheed Memon, Chair Sindh Board of Investment with Mr. Samir Dossal, President CPBC


CPBC continues its ongoing interactions with Sindh Board of Investment to see how CPBC can support in promoting various sectors to achieve bilateral interests. In this connection, President Dossal and Chairman Naheed Memon have had various meetings and exchanges to promote Education and Agri-Food related sectors which can bring value to

SBI has strong conviction in the future of Sindh as an economic and energy hub of the region. It believes that the immense economic potential of Sindh requires sustained public-private collaboration and sees for itself a pivotal role in building such a relationship. SBI aims to bring public objectives closer to private aspirations.


The vision of SBI is to develop and promote an investment-friendly environment that boosts economic activity, brings value addition to all sectors of the economy and encourages public-private partnership for the socio-economic development of Sindh.

SBI has also engaged with private sector companies in Pakistan and Abroad resulting in setting up their businesses in Sindh province. To name some of them are: company, for investmentItalian Cement manufacturer in Sindh, Chinese scotch tape producer, a Danish egg pasteurization company, Chinese steel manufacturer, Audi-German Autcompany, UBER and many others.

The wide range of services provided by SBI includes providing information on the opportunities for investment and facilitating companies that are looking for joint venture partners. In this regard, SBI has been successfully inked a number of MoU`s with a number of foreign investors to invest in different sectors of Sindh.

SBI acts as a focal point of contact for prospective investors, both domestic and foreign, and act as a one-stop window to provide all necessary information and assistance in coordinating with other Government Departments/Agencies.

SBI assists companies and investors who intend to invest in Sindh as well as facilitates the implementation and operation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by SBI includes providing info for investment and facilitating companies that are looking for joint venture partners. SBI acts as a focal point of contact for prospective investors, both domestic and foreign, and act as one-stop window to provide all necessary information and assistance in coordinating with other Government Departments/Agencies


Education City:

Sindh Education City (EC) project is one of the top most priority projects of the  Government of Sindh. The EC is comprised of 8,900 acres in Gaddap town. Twenty local and foreign institutions have been allocated land to develop their academic campuses and some have completed their detailed design to commence construction of their campuses. The Master Plan of EC has been completed and approved by EC  board headed by Honourable Chief Minister Sindh and has been placed within the Karachi City Master Plan. Spatial and administrative governance structure has been setup by the provincial assembly via the Sindh Education City Act 2012. Infrastructure development has begun. The construction of administration enclave is in progress. The detailed Rules & Regulation of EC Act 2013 are being prepared by a renowned law firm, besides Bye-Laws of construction by educational institutes in EC are under preparation.

Marble City

SBI has initiated the Marble City Project in Karachi that has tremendous investment and growth potential for the entrepreneurs based on high-end industrial knowledge, innovation, and services.  Marble City is planned over 300 acres of land along the Northern bypass. The land has been procured whereas Company with the name of Sindh Stone Development Company (SSDC) is formed under Article 42 of companies            Ordinance for independent, efficient and effective execution of the Project. Topographical Survey and Lease Execution is in progress whereas Boundary Wall is to be constructed after completion of the topographical survey.

Special Economic Zones

Keeping in view the great success of SEZs around the world, the Government of   Pakistan has passed Special Economic Zone Act, 2012. According to the Act, the supervisory for special economic zones shall be respective boards of investment in the provinces. Sindh Board of Investment is the supervisory authority for Special Economic Zones in Sindh. It is pertinent to mention that only three zones have been granted the status of Special Economic Zone by GOP and all of them belongs to Sindh which are following:

  • Khairpur Special Economic Zone
  • Bin Qasim Industrial Park
  • Korangi Creek Industrial Park


Entrepreneurship Development Programme

SBI signed MoU with Sukkur IBA and IBA Karachi to launch the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) for the promotion of Agriculture in collaboration with the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA Karachi) and the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration (Sukkur IBA). The project was initiated as a pilot project with an aim to train 300 students. The program was aimed at designing and conducting a program on entrepreneurship along with hands-on training in order to prepare the rural youth of Sindh to develop their capacity to pursue agriculture business in their province.  The pilot project of Entrepreneurship Development has been successfully completed during 2013-14 and shown positive impact on the community. People are getting aware of entrepreneurship and its importance, while a number of businesses and start-ups also increasing.

Investment Conferences, Road shows Seminars & Exhibitions

SBI is instrumental in promoting investment potential of Sindh among foreign and local investors. It has successfully market investment potential of Sindh through following international and local events:

  1. Business opportunities forum in New York, 2016
  2. Participation in Pakistan Business Forum in Rome, April 2016
  3. Sindh Investment Trade Delegation To Germany April, 2016
  4. Sindh Enterprise Development Fund Awareness Seminar, Sukkur
  5. Marlborough House Summits: Infrastructure 2014
  6. Livestock, Dairy & Fisheries Exhibition – LDFA 2011-12-13-14 & 15
  7. Sindh Investment Conference in Beijing and Shanghai– August- 2014
  8. Western China International Fair -2013
  9. Road Show in Republic of Turkey in 2012
  10. Sixth Edition of Royal Date Palm Festival- UAE 2012
  11. Mango Festivals UAE, Malaysia & Singapore – 2012 -13
  12. Annual Investment Meeting-UAE – 2012 & 2014
  13. International Halal Conference – 2011
  14. Sindh Investment and Trade Forum, Beijing – November 2011
  15. Korea Overseas Investment Fair (KOIF 2011)
  16. Business Matchmaking Session, Seoul Korea – May 2011
  17. Sindh Investment Conference in Seoul Korea – May 2011
  18. Sindh Investment Conference – April 2010


            Future Prospects and Investment Dynamics

Sindh Board of Investment SBI is at the upsurge of its promising journey of facilitation and promotion of investment in the province of Sindh for sustainable development and economic growth. Being primary agency of investment promotion in the provinces, SBI’s mandate is to make economy vibrant with the help of FDI and domestic investment besides maximum facilitation to the local and foreign investors.


To Market Sindh as Investment Destination

Sindh is the most attractive destination for the domestic and international investor. Sindh Board of Investment, SBI has played a vital role in the promotion of the investor-friendly image of Sindh via its marketing of Sindh strategy. The international conferences, delegations, roadshows are part and parcel of the comprehensive strategy of Sindh Board of Investment’s management.

  • Energy Sector & Mineral Resources

SBI is aware of present scenario of energy deficit that the country is facing and will   continue to market Sindh as potential destination for projects of Wind, Solar, Coal,  Bio-Gas, Waste to Energy, Tidal, Run of River (RoR) during marketing, our slogan is that solution to energy crises in Pakistan lies in potential of Sindh`s resources. Our massive marketing and vigorous pursuance has caused to land a number of investors to invest in Thar Coar blocks, Coal power plants, Wind, Solar & Run of River and attracted billions of dollars investment in the province. But we are planning to market other areas of energy production resources like Tidal power, Waste to Energy and Bio-gas in future

  • Information Technology

To promote Information Technology sector of Sindh and bring FDI in this sector via marketing of Sindh to make it potential industry to contribute to National GDP significantly.

  • Urban Development and Governance

To bring FDI and domestic investment in infrastructure development and setting up mega projects in Sindh via marketing strategy in the sectors of transport, road, and bridges

  • Tourism

To promote tourism and bring investment to develop tourism resorts in Sindh such as Keenjhar Lake Resorts and Gorakh Hill project.


Sindh Board of Investment comprises of professionals who are striving hard to increase bilateral investment with different countries. We take this opportunity by mentioning one of the Director of Sindh Board of Investment Mr. Abrar Ahmed Shaikh who has served in various administrative positions with the Government of Sindh and has varied experience in various sectors of the economy especially in the areas of Project Management, Energy, Agriculture, Investment Promotion. He is one of the top notch officers available with the Sindh Government. He has complete grasp & knowledge of the job and maintained high standards for the institution.




CPBC Delegation Received by Governor of Punjab Mr. Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana

The Governor, Mr. Rajwana took the time to have an interactive dialogue with all the delegates assuring them of the support of the Government of Punjab and acknowledged the contributions of the Pakistani diaspora in their commitment to give back to Pakistan. CPBC President briefed the Governor of the very proactive role of the Business Council in promoting business between the two Canada and Pakistan.

Leading businessman Mr.  S. M. Naseer accompanied the delegation and assured the Governor of the exceptional role of CPBC and encouraged him to engage with Canada and to visit Canada. The Governor showed his willingness to work with CPBC in planning a visit to Canada in the near future.

He applauded the efforts of CPBC  for their contribution towards Canada Pakistan Merchandise Trade exceeding $1 Billion. He showed great interest in understanding the role of CPBC and was appreciative of the engagement and commitment of CPBC. Mr. Rajwana assured the delegation of  support of his government in extending facilitation to establish any projects in Pakistan.

The meeting ended with exchange of pleasantries.



Information & Communications Technology (ICT) a Booming Industry of Pakistan

dsc_9592CPBC Partnered with the Ministry of International Trade, Government of Ontario to host an extremely successful seminar that opened the doors to the rapidly growing Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Pakistan.

Canada-Pakistan Merchandise Trade Exceeds $1 Billion in 2015

A highly informative and interactive session held at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre (OITC) was attended by many IT and Communications professionals to explore business opportunities in the ICT sector in Pakistan. Overseas participants joined via video conference for the seminar seamlessly put together by CPBC team comprising of newly appointed Director Ms. Naveed Hyder, CEO H5 Interiors with the support of Majid Kazmi, CEO Valu Ventures Inc.

CPBC and Ministry of International Trade, Government of Ontario Partnership Creates Linkages with ICT Sector in Pakistan

Some of these companies are already benefiting from business with Pakistan through joint ventures and utilizing expertise of freelancers.

Samir Dossal, President CPBC welcomed the participants and expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, Hon. Imran Ahmed Siddiqui and MPP, Hon.  Dr. Shafiq Qaadri. . He introduced the overseas participants connected via video conference from Pakistan and the US, including the Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association, P@SHA, Mr. Naseer A. Akhtar.

The co-host representing Ministry of International Trade, Government of Ontario, Mr. Akhil Tyagi, commended Samir Dossal and CPBC for taking the initiative of starting a dialog among stakeholders. He provided the context of the meeting by alluding to the deliberations between the Ministry of International Trade and CPBC, as potential partners to collaborate between stakeholders from Canada and Pakistan for maximizing outreach to lucrative markets in the ICT sector. He highlighted the opportunities for valuable synergies strengthened through existing partnerships.

MPP Dr. Qaadri showed his support for both organizations and highlighted the immense business opportunity that Canadian companies can leverage through access to Pakistani market with a vast consumer base of 50 million people. He pointed towards the prospect of the 300,000 strong Canadian-Pakistani Diaspora to leverage the opportunities for business-to-business collaboration in the field of ICT. Dr. Qaadri called out the massive infrastructure investment in Pakistan through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project to the tune of nearly $50 billion with the potential for this investment to increase manifold in the coming decade.

The Pakistani Consul General Mr. Siddiqui reiterated the geo-strategic importance of Pakistan as an economic hub that connects West, Central and South Asia creating trade linkages with different parts of the world. He reaffirmed that the Government of Pakistan is committed to supporting the growth of local and international trade through building enabling infrastructure, not only limited to road networks but also the ICT infrastructure. He pointed out that 10,000 technically trained freelance service providers enter the ICT market in Pakistan every year which amounts to a huge talent pool that can be utilized by international companies.

dsc_961236 Canadian Companies Connect with P@SHA, NUST and Biylitca in Pakistani ICT Sector

Mr. Naseer A. Akhtar, Chairman P@SHA joined via video conference from Pakistan, he highlighted the skill development in entrepreneurship alongside technical education enabling growth of small businesses that are able to compete regionally and globally. Mr. Akhtar also underscored the need for business-to-business collaboration to produce concrete economic returns for both countries. Pakistan can offer immense value in the ICT sector to international businesses if these business-to-business connections are strengthened. He ended by naming Ms. Jehan Ara, President, P@SHA as the primary contact for Canadian stakeholders for the ICT sector in Pakistan. He also indicated the important role that Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) plays and highlighted it as another channel for businesses in Canada to connect to stakeholders in Pakistan.

Muhammad Ahsan, Founding CEO, Nutshell Forum also joined the meeting remotely from Pakistan He highlighted the role his organization plays in supporting innovation in the ICT sector in Pakistan. He applauded the role of CPBC for establishing the focus group as a crucial first step for exploring opportunities for the two countries to collaborate in ICT. He welcome the CPBC Delegation to attend the Asia Management Conclave being organised by Nutshell Forum and the JANG Group.


The representatives of 36 Canadian companies attended the seminar; each participant contributed their expertise to make this forum into a dynamic platform for furthering ICT connections between Canada and Pakistan. Among those present were Mr. Zeeshan Ali, Regional Vice President of Salesforce, Badar Shamim, Chairman Brampton Board of Trade (BBoT), Faiz A Faizi CEO/President of Efficace Technologies Inc and Projex International Inc, Andrew deGroot, Client Partner, FICO to name a few, Mohammed Saqib, Manager BDC. Mr. Shami Munir, President & CEO, K Mobile was gracious to present their gift bags to all the participants.


Ms. Rabia Shoaib Ahmad, Director-Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), NUST, also connected from Pakistan.

National University of Science and Technology has a great deal to offer to ICT professionals around the world, the Colleges have academic and R&D capability, totalling approximately 800-1,000 ICT graduates a year. Moreover, NUST has a well-organised mechanism for engaging with the Industry in different sectors, through the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC). The faculty & students work with the Industry on different projects. NUST also has a technology incubation centre where budding entrepreneurs are nurtured to become successful ventures. NUST is delighted to add value through its vast R&D infrastructure. Ms. Rabia recommended Canadian businesses to access the pool of brilliant students, faculty and alumni of NUST.

Also present via video conference was a young entrepreneur, Usman Ahmed, CEO Bilytica, who joined from PakistanSpeaking from Lahore, Usman introduced his company, Bilytica based out of Melbourne, Australia as a data analytics and business intelligence company that has worked with clients globally with development offices in Pakistan. Bilytica now has 8 offices and fortune 500 clients. It provides intelligent software products based on AI as well as ERP with AI and machine learning capabilities. There are nearly 25,000 users of these products around the world.  Usman highlighted the ease of identifying and hiring relevant technical resources in Pakistan in the fields of IT, compared to other countries of the world.

Technology Advisor of CPBC, Mr. Javed Mughal concluded the meeting on a positive note by highlighting the strength of Pakistan in various technologies and by quoting specific examples to elaborate this. He shared a personal experience working with a company based in Karachi that helped build a robotics module in 4 weeks, a work that would have taken months for a company to develop in Canada.dsc_9770

He highlighted the importance of sustainability for companies in Pakistan, with reference to client’s preference for cloud based solutions. He maintained that since software is now being offered as a service through subscription-based models, there is an immense need to build trust with international clients with companies in Pakistan. He also highlighted the growth of internet-of-Things and the huge potential that Pakistan offers in this area. He stated that this is an opportunity that companies internationally have been overlooking.

Pointing to another example of disruptive innovation that businesses need to be cognizant of, he spoke of the new broadcasting technologies ATC3 that is bringing about a paradigm shift in broadcasting by not relying on radio signals anymore. He suggested that companies need to upgrade their infrastructure to stay abreast with the technologies of the future.

To conclude the meeting, Samir Dossal thanked all participants and expressed the importance of continuing of dialogue to produce actionable intelligence and concrete results. Participants in both countries shared high level insights into the opportunities available in the ICT sector and appreciated a face-to-face discussions via video conference with their counterparts. There was keen interest on both sides for further discussions on more specific areas of the industry. And to make recommendations on how to enhance linkages leading to increased trade in this sector.



Visit of the Pakistan Delegation to the SickKids Centre for Global Child Health

Brief :



The Centre for Global Child Health (C-GCH) at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto hosted a high-level delegation on Friday, 9th September 2016 for an overview of ongoing projects of Centre staff in Pakistan and potential for further strategic linkages and impact on policy. Imran Siddiqui-Consul General of Pakistan, Samir Dossal-President of the Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC), Dr. Shafiq Qaadri-Member of Provincial Parliament, and Salma Zahid-Member of Parliament graciously attended this briefing.


Dr. Stanley Zlotkin, Chief of the C-GCH, welcomed the guests and presented an overview of C-GCH and its work towards improving child health in resource-poor environments through research, capacity building and knowledge synthesis, translation and advocacy.


Following introduction of the Centre staff in attendance, Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta, Co-Director C-GCH provided a detailed outline of the status of maternal and child health in Pakistan including current indicators, challenges and essential interventions required to achieve the sustainable development goals. Details of the recently launched Umeed-e-Nau project, a collaboration between the Government of Pakistan, Aga Khan University (AKU) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with linkages to C-GCH were also shared. Dr. Bhutta underscored the huge potential for influencing public health and policy in Pakistan through the activities of the C-GCH and furthering linkages with the Pakistani origin diaspora in Canada.3

Subsequently members of the C-GCH team provided details of key projects being implemented in Pakistan. Dr. Shaun Morris, Clinician Scientist, presented a research initiative underway in Rahim Yar Khan (RYK) through which low-cost, evidence-based kits are being delivered by Lady Health Workers to pregnant women to impact newborn care and survival. The hypothesis is that this intervention will lead to a reduction in neonatal deaths by providing essential evidence-based newborn interventions and education. He also briefed on an ongoing birth cohort research project in the same district.


Jo-Anna Baxter (PhD candidate) briefed the delegation on the Matiari Preconception and Pregnancy Supplementation Trial which will be launched soon in rural Sindh with support from the Canadian Government through the World Food Program and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The trial aims to assess the impact of life skills development and multiple micronutrient supplementation on multiple health and pregnancy outcomes of adolescent girls and young women in Matiari district. This intervention is being implemented through the Government-employed Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and also involves the education sector with interventions delivered through schools.


Dr. Farhana Zareef presented the role of C-GCH in the Access to Quality Care and Strengthening Health System (AQCESS) Aga Khan Foundation Canada and C-GCH project which intends to strengthen maternal neonatal and child health activities in the Northern Areas of Pakistan through capacity building, operational research, monitoring and evaluation of health facility management and care providers. Engagement of Government tiers and policy makers with orientation visits to health facilities and briefings is also a key component of this intervention with a major role for C-GCH and AKU in monitoring and impact assessment.


Dr. Amira Khan introduced the delegation to the Centre’s e-learning initiatives, namely the SickKids Public Health Nutrition Course a free, online, evidence-based course for health workers in low- and middle-income countries. She informed that the course had 882 users over 93 countries and Pakistan with 117 had the second highest number of users globally. Majority of the users from Pakistan had completed their Master’s degree and were working as project coordinators or public health managers. Most of them were employed in the NGO sector.


Daina Als then provided an overview of C-GCH’s work on collecting data on typhoid trends and risk factors in Pakistan. Pakistan has the 9th highest burden of typhoid globally and the disease kills more than 200,000 people each year all over the world. The available information collected by Centre investigators in collaboration with three leading Centres in Pakistan (AKU, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and Shaukat Khanum Hospital) suggest that while the burden of typhoid has reduced since the 1990s, rates seem to have plateaued and that drug resistant typhoid poses major risks.

Each presentation was followed by a question answer session. There was detailed feedback from the delegation and discussion at the end of the program. The delegation commended C-GCH on their all-encompassing work on maternal and child health in Pakistan. Further they expressed their desire to facilitate opportunities of collaboration and fostering linkages between Canada and Pakistan in the field of maternal and child health. It was agreed that the Pakistani diaspora in Canada should be engaged by raising awareness of ongoing C-GCH projects in Pakistan to encourage potential support and engagement in on-going efforts. pakistan-delegates-2Samir Dossal offered his support in informing and reaching out to the Pakistani community using the CPBC platform and also through linkages with ongoing efforts to link Science & Technology investments in Pakistan.



MP Salma Zahid and MPP Dr. Shafiq Qaadri both agreed that it would be valuable if C-GCH’s work in Pakistan was highlighted to the Canada Pakistan Friendship Groups both in the Federal and Provincial Parliaments. This could be achieved through presentations in Ottawa and Toronto, thus creating an opportunity to focus on the C-GCH links with the Government of Pakistan and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Aga Khan Development Network and the Aga Khan University.


The Consul General Pakistan highlighted the need for creating opportunities and mechanisms to re-engage the Canadian government to gain its support for essential developmental issues, as Pakistan is no longer a priority country for development grants in Canada. He encouraged participation from the C-GCH in a planned series of activities in this regards with the Federal government in Ottawa. He assured C-GCH of his fullest support for future partnerships and facilitation of the current work.


Report and photos courtesy Sick Kids

Canada – Pakistan trade exceeds $1 billion – CPBC 33rd Anniversary Gala: Vibrant Diaspora Celebrates Another Milestone

Canada Pakistan Business Council’s 33rd Anniversary Gala and Awards Night was a spectacular ceremony held at The International Centre in Mississauga and was attended by a large number of dignitaries and prominent people from the community. The packed to capacity crowd included a vast cross section of representation from the Business Community, Corporate representation, Associations, Alumni, Partners and Stakeholders. Prominent amongst those were a strong contingent from the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, Department of Foreign Affairs, City of Brampton, Brampton Board of Trade, Canada Turkish Business Council and CPBC Sponsors, Corporate Members and Friends.IMG_1339IMG_0397The evening commenced with a vivacious art and cultural display. Prominent artists of Pakistani origin displayed colourful art while instrumental music orchestrated by the famous sitar player Anwar Khurshid enchanted the guests.

The formal event began with the national anthems of Canada and Pakistan followed by welcome remarks by Mr. Samir Dossal, President of the CPBC. Mr. Dossal thanked all the dignitaries and other guests for attending the grand event and spoke about the vibrancy and growth of the Pakistani community in Canada.

Mr. Dossal proudly announced that merchandise trade between Canada and Pakistan, for the first time, exceeded $1 billion dollars

He also mentioned that just two years ago, at the 31st Annual Gala, he had announced that we needed to do more to promote trade between Canada and Pakistan, which at that time sat at $650 million. He exclaimed that this was an exciting development in the bilateral relationships between the two countries and showed that we have come a long way. IMG_0822Mr. Dossal also addressed the Premier of Ontario, Honorable Kathleen Wynne, who unfortunately could not attend the event, and reiterated the invitation of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for her to visit Pakistan. Mr. Dossal also conveyed invitations from NUST and the Punjab minister for education to Dr. Reza Moridi to visit Pakistan. Mr. Dossal highlighted the role of Consul General Golo for his exceptional contributions to the Community at large and to CPBC in bringing the community together and going beyond his call of duty to help enhance bilateral trade between Canada and Pakistan, the latter being the mandate of CPBC.

Mr. Dossal’s address was followed by a special video message from Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Trudeau acknowledged the role of Pakistani Canadians, who have not only established themselves in virtually every profession in Canada, but have also become policy-makers and political leaders in all levels of the government in Canada. He commended the CPBC for its compassion and commitment in promoting commercial trade links between Canada and Pakistan. The Prime Minister wished the best to both the Canadian and Pakistani communities and encouraged them to work together for a prosperous future.


Photo Gallery

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of Ontario, then took the stage and acknowledged the role of CPBC, and passionately introduced the Honorable Dr. Reza Moridi, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities, to the stage.IMG_0840 Dr. Reza Moridi highlighted the strength of the Pakistani community in Canada, and applauded and stimulated the CPBC to continue to play its role in strengthening cultural, economic and educational ties between the two countries.

Dr. Moridi showed a commendable initiative by making a commitment to lead a delegation to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


The Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, Mr. Asghar Ali Golo, in his address also recognized the efforts of the CPBC, particularly the leadership of Mr. Samir Dossal, in working hard for the betterment of the Pakistani community.IMG_0885

The keynote speaker at the event was Mr. Michael Foley, who took time out of his busy schedule and flew to Canada to attend the event. IMG_0925Mr. Foley delivered a mesmerizing speech on the Pakistani economic and cultural landscape and spoke at length about the massive economic opportunities in Pakistan.

He affirmed that having lived in Pakistan he attested to the fact that the country is enormously different compared to the image of Pakistan that is portrayed in the western media. He also expressed his admiration for the Pakistani culture and the people.

Mr. Foley highlighted the phenomenal growth in the telecommunications industry in Pakistan and stated the country was at crossroads to take its place in the global economy


Co-Chairs of the Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, Hon. Rob Oliphant IMG_1038 and Hon. Salma Zahid, also thanked the CPBC, and Mr. Asghar Ali Golo in particular, and asserted their commitment to strengthen ties between the two countries at a parliamentarian level to promote bilateral trade in science, technology and energy sectors. They also encouraged Pakistani legislators to do the same.

“It is you, the business leaders in this room, that will be instrumental in deepening and expanding our bilateral trade relationship. We want to work with you and support you in this goal” – Hon. Salma Zahid, Co-Chair Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group

MP Iqra Khalid, a Canadian of Pakistani origin, then eloquently invited the Chief Guest Hon. John McCallum to the stage.IMG_1070 Mr. John McCallum acknowledged his strong connection with the Pakistani community in Canada and lauded the efforts made by CPBC and the community in fund raising and promoting bilateral trade between the two countries. IMG_1091He remarked that a trade mission to Pakistan led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be a phenomenal idea and that he would make the suggestion to the Prime Minster himself. He gave assurance that his ministry was working hard to bring the brightest minds to Canada and to make the process of permanent residency easier for international students. He also stated that his department was processing Pakistani visa application as fast and efficiently as it could.

Mr. McCallum acknowledged that periodic visa and immigration issues were brought to his attention from Islamabad and stated that he would personally travel to Islamabad this year to look into the issue himself.

IMG_1339Mr. McCallum’s concern regarding this issue was extraordinary and commendable.  With regards to  legislation about the previous government introducing different tiers of citizenship, Mr. McCallum assured everyone that there would be only one class of citizenship, which is ‘Canadian’, and a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. He also said that he would like to visit Pakistan before the end of the year to see for himself what Pakistan has to offer.

IMG_1179Followed by Mr. McCallum, Hon. Bryon Wilfert, Chairman CPBC, took on to the stage to thank and present a token of appreciation to the Chief Guest.

CPBC Awards Presentation

A key highlight of the event was the Awards Presentation, which recognized the efforts of inspiring people who have made a huge impact on the community through their work and influence. Special awards were presented to the following guests:

IMG_1190Business Person of the Year Award, 2016
Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer at Telenor Pakistan
IMG_1207Professional of the Year – Female, 2016
Ms. Naheed Mustafa – Producer, Writer & Broadcaster
IMG_1214Professional of the Year – Male, 2016
Dr. Mehboob Elahi –  Plastic and Reconstructive  Surgeon in Toronto
Humanitarian of the Year – Male, 2016
Mr. Daniel Lanthier – Humanitarian & Social Worker in Pakistan
IMG_1229Special Recognition Award, 2016
Mr. Asghar Ali Golo – Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto
IMG_1239Lifetime Achievement Award
Mr. Mohammad Ashraf – Philanthropist, Retired Partner at BDO Canada

IMG_1617The event continued with dinner accompanied by a special musical performance by Anwar Khurshid and his group.

During the program Mayor Frank Scarpitti applauded the Canadians of Pakistani origin for the exceptional role in the Community and highlighted the partnership with CPBC and the scholarship by the City of Markham.Mayor was pleased confirm that Markham continues  hold the Pakistan Day at Markham Town Centre for many, many years.IMG_1402

Mayor Dave Barrow congratulated the CPBC for its role in promoting relations between Canada and Pakistan and thanked the Consul General Asghar Ali Golo. Mayor Barrow ceremoniously presented the Honorary Citizenship of the Town of Richmond Hill for his great role in the Community.


A Congratulatory Letter was presented to CPBC President Dossal on behalf of Hon. Patrick Brown, Leader of the Opposition in the Ontario. CPBC co-led the a recent delegation to Pakistan with Hon. Patrick Brown hosted by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif.IMG_1448CPBC appreciates the unwavering support of its sponsors and patrons. CPBC acknowledges the dedication of each member of Team CPBC for making this event a raving success. A special thanks to the Event Chair, Naveed Hyder for her hard work, commitment and dedication for raising the profile of the event and taking it to the next level.

TEAM CPBC – (Right to Left) Ayesha Hasan, Irfan Siddiqui, Zain Dossal, Raza Agha, Momin Qureshi (MC), Sajjad Hyder, Naveed Hyder, Samir Dossal, Ismet Dossal, Farah Shams, Mehrine Dossal, Sana Imran, Daniyal Arif

A very special thank you to RBC Corporate Sponsor and Mr. Imtiaz Seyid for their support.
A special thanks you for all the sponsors especially the event sponsors and partners.
Event Sponsors: CIBC, Midas Safety, SASCO
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